The UEFA Europa League is the most prestigious club tournament in the world. The top clubs from all over the world compete for the title of the best club in Europe. The group stage of the tournament is an excellent opportunity to watch the matches of the strongest teams and to find out the results of the matches.
The group stage is held every year and it is always interesting to watch it. The UEFA Europa league is divided into three sections. The first section is the group stage, which is divided in two parts. The winners of each group will advance to the next stage.
UEFA Europa League Group Stage Results
The first section of the group stages is the Champions League. The Champions League is a tournament that is held between the best clubs of the Old Continent. The tournament is divided by the group winners and the group losers. The teams that are in the Champions league for the first time in their history are the following:
* Real Madrid;
* Bayern;
* Juventus;
* Barcelona;
The main contenders for the victory in the group are:
1. Real Madrid. The team of Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the top-3 of the most successful clubs in the Old World for several years now. The main goal of the team is to win the Champions title.
2. Bayern. The club of Niko Kovac is one of the main contenders to win this trophy.
3. Juventus. The Turin team has been a contender for several seasons now.
4. Liverpool. The Liverpool team is one the main favorites of the Champions trophy. The Reds have won the tournament once and they are ready to win it again.
5. Manchester City. The Citizens have won two Champions trophies and they will do their best to win another one.
6. Sevilla. The Spanish team is in the middle of the standings. It is the main contender for the trophy. However, the team of Ernesto Valverde has a good chance to win.
7. Napoli. The Italian team is a contender to win in the tournament. However the team has a serious problem – the lack of motivation.
8. Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs are a serious contender for victory in this tournament. The players have been in a good mood for several matches. However they have not yet managed to win a trophy. It will be a real test for them.
9. Lyon. The French team is also in the fight for the champion title. However it is not in the best shape.
10. Manchester United. The Red Devils have won one Champions trophy and they have a good opportunity to win again. The current season is their best result in the Premier league.
In the second section of group stage the teams that have not won the Champions cup are in a tough fight. The following teams are in this section:
• Ajax;
• PSG;
• Juventus;
• Milan.
These clubs are in serious trouble. The Ajax players are in an extremely difficult situation. They have been playing in the Eredivisie for several months now. They are not in a position to compete with the leaders of the league. The PSG players have a serious lack of points. They lost their first match and they did not win another.
Juventus has been playing for several decades. The last time they won the title was in 1990. The previous year the team lost to Liverpool. They will have to do their utmost to win back the title. The Milan team has not won a Champions cup for a long time. The reason for this is the lack in motivation of the players.
All the results from the Champions Cup are available on the fscore website.
Live Results of UEFA Europa Cup
The third section of UEFA tournament is the Europa League. This tournament is held once a year. The Europa League has a special place in the history of football. The best clubs from the Old and New Continent play in this competition. The most famous club in the competition is Ajax Amsterdam. The Amsterdam club has won the most trophies in the Europa league. This club has a long history and has won many trophies.
Ajax have a very good chance of winning the trophy this year. They played in the first round of the Europa tournament. Ajax was the first team to be defeated. The defeat was the result of a mistake by the team. The mistake was made by the goalkeeper. The ball was kicked to the goalkeeper of the Ajax. The goalkeeper did not see it and the ball went into the goal. The result of the game was a draw.

The Amsterdam club is one step ahead of the other teams in the standings of the competition. It has a very high chance to get into the next round. The next round of Europa League will take place on May 13. The matches of this tournament are held in the summer. The participants of the games are:
* Barcelona; * Real Madrid and Manchester United; and Juventus and Liverpool.
Barcelona has a high chance of getting into the Europa Cup. The Catalans have a strong squad and they can win the trophy with the help of their strong players. The Royal club has the best players in the Spanish league.

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