The transfer window is coming to an end, which means that it’s time to start looking for the new leaders of the club. It’ll be extremely difficult to find the right candidates, because many of them are already in the best form of their lives.
The main contenders for the position of the main star of the team are:
1. Sokratis. The Greek player has already scored many goals for the club, and he’d be able to do the same in the future.
2. Kostas Manolas. The young player is already a leader of the line, and the club is counting on him to become a main star.
3. Demarai Gray. The Englishman is a good goalkeeper, and his skills are needed for the team to get the desired result.
4. Lukaku. The Frenchman is already an excellent striker, and it”s clear that the team needs a new striker.
5. Alex Iwobi. The Nigerian player is a great defender, and we’ve seen that he”ll be able not only to defend the goal, but also to score a goal himself.
It’ s also worth noting that the club has already signed a new goalkeeper, so the position is quite clear.
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The latest transfers
The summer transfer window has come to an almost end, and now it“s time for the main events. It has already been said that the main thing is to find a good replacement for the injured Lukaku, but there are also rumours that the Manchester United will buy Eden Hazard.
If the rumours are true, then the Belgian will become one of the leaders of his team, and will help the club to achieve the desired results. The main thing for the Red Devils is to make sure that the transfer of Hazard doesn’t affect the results of the season.
In the summer, the club spent a lot of money on the acquisition of the new players, so it‘s obvious that the results will depend on the results achieved by the team. The transfer of the Belgian player will be a good opportunity to strengthen the position in the starting lineup, and this is what the club needs.
However, the main problem of the Red devils is the lack of motivation, because the team has already won the Europa League, and they’re ready to fight for the title.
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Main football results of summer
The football season has already ended, and there’ re a lot to discuss. The top teams have already won a lot, and many of the clubs have already been in the Champions League zone for several seasons.
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This season, the football results have already shown that the level of the competition has increased. The level of football has increased significantly, and even the best teams can’ t compete with the best clubs from the top-5.
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Latest football news on fscore
The fscore website is the most convenient place to find information about football matches. It provides the latest football news from all around the globe, as it‚ll be updated in the next hours.
There are many leagues that are represented on the fscore platform, but the most interesting are: the Europa league, the Champions league, and other tournaments.
All the information on the site is updated live, so that you can see the latest results in the shortest time. The fscore has a special section for football, where information is available about the following championships:
* the Champions football;
* Europa league;
* the English league cup;
* the Italian championship.
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Live football score
The live football score is another feature that is available on the main page of the f score website. You can find the live football scores of matches from all the championships that are presented on the platform.
Many people like to watch the live score of matches, because it allows them to see the results immediately, and not to waste time on the line. The information is always available to them, so they can follow all the results.

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