It is now very easy to follow the football results of the matches of the Premier League. The season is in full swing, and the teams are fighting for the title. The most interesting matches of this season are the matches between the teams from the top of the standings.
The Premier League is one of the main tournaments of the world. It is a real battle for the champion title. This season, the teams have a lot of chances to win it.
West Bromwich Albion vs Everton
The first match of the new season of the English Premier League was a real surprise. Everton won the match against West Bromwich, and it was a very comfortable victory for the Toffees.
It was Everton who started the game, and this was the reason for the success of the team. The team has a good lineup, which allows it to play at a high level. The main striker of the club, Steven Pienaar, scored a goal in the first half of the match.
However, the Everton players did not show their best game. The Everton players were not able to create many scoring chances. The first goal of the Everton team was scored by the goalkeeper, Kepa.
After that, the players of the Toftiders were not successful in the game. Everton was not able not to score a goal, but Everton’s defense was not strong enough.
In the second half of this match, Everton� scored three goals. The goal of Kepo was a good example of the good game of the goalkeeper. Everton”s second goal was scored in the last minute.
Despite the Everton‘s mistakes, the team managed to win the match, and Everton will be able to play in the next round. Everton is a team that can compete with the leaders of the championship, and its success is not going to be easy.
You can follow the results of Everton“s matches on the website of sports statistics. The site offers the information about the matches that are held in various championships.

West Ham vs Chelsea predictions
The start of the season of English Premier league was not very successful for West Ham. The Hammers lost to Chelsea, and Chelsea was not in the best shape. The Chelsea players were unable to find the right rhythm in the match with West Ham, and they lost the match 1:0.
Chelsea started the match well, but West Ham quickly became the main favorite of the game and managed to score three goals in the middle of the first quarter of the second.
This is not the first time that Chelsea has been in the leading position of the EPL, and West Ham can not count on the same result.
If Chelsea is not able, then the team will not be able. The West Ham players are not in good shape, and their lack of motivation is obvious.
There are a lot chances for the West Ham to win, but Chelsea will not give up the fight. The club has a lot to lose if it does not win the championship.
Here you can find the predictions for the matches, and you can always follow the events on the live score.
Live score of the Chelsea vs West Ham match
The Chelsea players started the season very well, and in the beginning of the half, they managed to create a lot scoring chances for themselves. The match with the Westham was a great example of this. The players of Chelsea were not in a good mood, and there were a lot mistakes by the Chelsea players.
Of course, the West ham players were in a better mood, but the Chelsea team was not so good. The game ended 1:1, and many mistakes were committed by the WestHam players. The following mistakes were made by the team:
1. The goalkeeper, Reina, did not save the ball perfectly.
2. The mistake of the defender, Cesar, was not forgiven by the coach.
3. The failure of the striker, Cahill, was a big disappointment for the Chelsea.
All these mistakes caused the defeat of the West HAM.
Do not forget that the Chelsea has a long bench, and some of the players are in the starting lineup. This is another reason for West ham to lose.
Predictions for the match between Chelsea and West ham
The match between the Chelsea and the West hampshire ended 1-0. The coach, Josep Guardiola, made a lot changes to the lineup, and he managed to get the best players from the team to the bench.
Among the players who were not at the starting line-up, were:
* Lukaku;
* Silva;

* Costa.
These players were replaced by the following players:
• Griezmann;
• Silva;
• Cahill.
Thus, the Chelsea bench was full of the best performers of the league.
At the beginning, the game was not really successful for the Hammers, but after the half-time, the match became more interesting for the fans.
Many goals were scored by Chelsea, but only one of them was a goal scored by Cahill and the second one was scored only by Lukaku.
For the Chelsea, it was not a good start, but they managed not to lose the match and will be the main favorites of the tournament.

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